United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      General Synod - Bike Challange


Are you up for a Challenge?

The New York conference is challenging the United Church of Christ to Bike to General Synod in Grand Rapids !

Could the United Church of Christ get to the next General Synod without Fossil Fuels?

The New York Conference is organizing people to travel by bicycle June 12 to June 26 from Syracuse to Grand Rapids . Our riders will raise money for a new fund to enable the New York Conference churches to go green and will stay with local UCC congregations on our journey across 4 states.

Our "bicycle challenge" invites others across the country to bike (or walk!) to General Synod.
If you can't get to Grand Rapids on your own steam, our challenge extends to you-- could the whole UCC travel to General Synod using less fossil fuel and producing less greenhouse gases?

Could you use public transportation?
Could you carpool?

Together can we become a symbol of Christians' love and care for God's creation!

A church-wide effort will draw public attention to North America's disproportionate fuel consumption and its negative environmental impact. With less than 5% of total population , the U.S. is the world's oil-thirstiest nation , using more than 25% of the world's annual oil production.
If the U.S. could commit to mass transit, railroads and buses half as much as is invested in supporting the private automobile, we all could enjoy the transportation advantages, alternatives, economy and ecology of an integrated public transportation system.

Contact Michael Caine (cainem@uccny.org) for more information about riding with us. 

Anne Lamotte has suggested that the single most important thing one can do to save the world is to GET OFF YOUR BUTT. New York Conference is offering an activity to get you up and moving: 

Get on your bike and combat oil over-consumption and environmental degradation.

Michael (Caine)
Regional Conference Minister
New York Conference UCC