United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration


Metro Association Martin Luther King, Jr., Day REVIVAL!


Monday, January 19, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
The First Congregational Church, UCC of Morrisania
761 East 166th Street, Bronx, NY – Phone: 718 - 542-5419
The Rev. Sundar Devaprasad, Host Pastor
Revival Preacher:  The Rev. Geoffrey A. Black, New York Conference Minister

The 2009 MLK Holiday precedes by one day the inauguration of the next U.S. president on Tuesday, January 20.  Your MLK Day planning committee believes we have a unique opportunity to engage in

  1. self-examination of ourselves, our faith and our society; and
  2. heartfelt prayer for the new U.S. administration that will be challenged to lead a country exhausted by war, shaken by economic earthquakes and natural disasters, battered by world opinion, and, yes, continually plagued by our history of racial, and all forms of, injustice.

We invite your congregation to help us be revived:

  • Begin, continue, or widen the ‘Sacred Conversation on Race' so that we can move into a Sacred Conversation on American Dreams, in the spirit of Dr. King.  Go to www.ucc.org, click on The Church Stuff, then click on Sacred Conversation on Race.  Use the resources you'll find there as a starting point and adapt then, take them in directions that are relevant to your church and membership, and broaden the conversation into a fuller ‘sacred conversation' on American Dreams.  Add your congregation's own ideas and experiences.
  • Write prayers for our new president – Follow up on your sacred conversation by thoughtfully determining what is your own most fervent prayer for the new U.S. president.  Write it down.  Urge everyone in your church to write theirs down.  Anyone can pray, at any age, in any language.  Encourage your Sunday school classes and youth groups, couples' clubs and Women's Fellowships, officers and board members, everyone to write prayers.  And BRING YOUR WRITTEN PRAYERS WITH YOU to our Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Revival.  We'll put them in a big fish bowl for all to see.  We'll pull some out and use them during our Revival worship.  And we'll send all our prayers to the White House so that the new president can be encouraged by our outpouring of prayerful hope and need!

Join us on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day 2009… and be revived!

Yours in hope, peace and justice,
The Metropolitan Association
Committee on the Church and the Metropolitan Community