United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      2010 Metro Association Spring Meeting


Youth Committee
Report to the Annual Meeting April 24, 2010

The committee's mission is to be cheerleaders for God and spread the Good News to Youth throughout the Association that God is ALIVE AND WELL. DO NOT DESPAIR. We do this by creating opportunities whereby churches in the Metro Association can support each other regarding the issues that affect youth. We are a resource for churches looking to grow or maintain their youth population. We do this by having events that bring church youth together to get to know one another. We are facilitators and enablers in connecting youth leaders together so they can ensure that their churches are in existence within the UCC for as long as God provides .

Suggested events

Youth Leader Forum. This will bring metro youth Leaders together to discuss best practices and share ideas on how we can bring more youth into our churches. Target date June

Metro Youth Mission Project

End the year with another gathering maybe around sharing the gifts that God has given us. DARE TO SHARE?

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Committee Members
Stephanie Bennett
Kimberly Everett
Stephanie Lynne Baird
Reverend J Lee Hill Jr