United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      2010 Metro Association Spring Meeting


The UCC Metro Women Association
Report to the Annual Meeting April 24, 2010

As stipulated in the Bylaws of the UCC Metro Women Association, it will assist women in the churches to grow fully to full stature as mature Christians; to develop and coordinate programs which will deepen and strengthen their Christian witness; and to help women understand and participate in the whole task of the church. The organization shall be an integral part of the Metropolitan Association of the NY Conference of the United Church of Christ.

It has elected officers: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. Its Executive Board shall consist of the officers, the Resource Leaders of Areas of Concern, such as Evangelism and Christian Education, Mission Education and Material Aid, Stewardship, and the Pastoral Advisor. Church in Society. The Resource Leaders are appointed position.

The Metro Women Association offers whole day Spring and Fall Retreats for all women. This gathering gives opportunities for the women, especially those who do not participate in any other events outside their church, a chance to be inspired, learn, fellowship, and to bring back to their churches new ideas for worship, music, mission, education and program development.

The Metro Women also participate in the three-day NY State Women’s Conference held every Spring. The Metro Women officers represent the Association and some are officers and members of the Executive Board of the NY Women. The Metro Women encourages and helps coordinate women from local churches to attend the NY Women Conference.

The Vice President represents the Women at the Metro Association Board of Directors with voice but no vote.

Submitted by:
Melva T. Victorino and Vatsala Ponnuraj