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2010 Metro Association Spring Meeting
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> Metro Association > 2010 Metro Spring Meeting < Report of the President

President of the Board of Directors
Report to the Annual Meeting – April 24, 201

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Being President of the Metro Association for the past year has been grace-filled and full. We see great potential for us as an Association! Your Board has been committed to moving our Association forward – concentrating on how we can serve our local churches and our clergy.

We have had two very successful Clergy Retreats sponsored by the Spiritual Life and Practice Committee. Our Ordination and Ministerial Standing Committee continues to be on over-drive, watching over our in-care candidates and our clergy, including offering the boundary awareness training on an on-going basis. This training keeps us mindful of our obligations to God as well as to those whom we serve. I invite you to read the reports from these and the other Committees that are hard at work, seeking to serve our still-speaking God through the work of our Association.

I began serving on the Conference Executive Council last summer. Being with members of the other associations has been energizing, as I have learned more about what is happening in our Conference and have become a voice for Metro on that Council. The collegiality and Spirit is wonderful when we gather for meetings.

I encourage you to consider joining the rest of the Conference in June at the Annual Meeting in Silver Bay. Not only is the annual meeting site beautiful, but meeting new friends and catching up with long-time friends and being with others, from around the state, is wonderful.

With the energy that is present through Rev. Freeman Palmer, we have made a smooth transition to our Interim Regional Conference Minister, and I am so pleased that Rev. Dr. Rita Root, our Interim Conference Minister, will be joining us for our Annual Meeting, bringing to us our worship message. Rita and Freeman are bringing to us new perspectives and new energies, which may be a bit scary – but then contemplating change is often scary, but allows for growth and a new openness to God’s Spirit indwelling with us.

The Board has created a new vision statement, which you will find online with the reports. Please read through it prior to the meeting so that we can adopt it (with any revisions that might come up during the meeting) as our vision statement.

As we mentioned at the Fall ‘09 meeting, we are working on the by-laws, which haven’t been updated since the early 1990’s (it still includes a reference to the Board of Homeland Ministries!!!). We will be bringing before you at the Fall ‘10 meeting our recommended changes and updates.

As I mentioned in my Fall 2009 report, taking the position as Board president was a leap of faith. It is a leap that is leading me to a deeper place within and with the Board. Following our opening devotions at our board meeting, we recite the Board Covenant. We will be reciting it at this Meeting to show our Covenant with you as well as with each other. We also have a Board prayer stone, which we pass around, inviting the Board member who has it for that month, to carry it with them as a reminder to keep the Board and the Metro Association in prayer each day.

You will notice that the Board is again wearing name tags that are different from the name tags that are being worn by everyone else. We are doing this so that you will easily recognize us. We are working to be intentionally available to you to answer your questions and address your concerns. We also are seeking to ensure that you to feel welcome. We want you to know that you are an important part of our Association and we value your presence and your work on behalf of Metro. And we want you to feel God’s extravagant welcome as we come together to do the business of the Association.

We continue to ask for your prayers as we move forward to serve you. Please do let me know how we can serve you better as we move forward listening to, and for, the still speaking God.

Blessings and shalom,


Rev. Dr. Martha R. Jacobs
President, Metropolitan Association Board of Directors

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