United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      2010 Metro Association Spring Meeting


Ministerial Standing and Ordination Committee (MSOC)
Report to the Annual Meeting April 24, 2010

The Ministerial Standing and Ordination Committee (MSOC) has met 11 times this past year, meeting with candidates for Ordination, In-Care, Privilege of Call, and Dual Standing status,  receiving clergy who are transferring their standing into the Metropolitan Association, and granting licensure to candidates at the request of their local congregation.   In addition, the committee assisted with two special support consultations.

The MSOC sponsors work of the Boundary Awareness Training, which does an excellent job on behalf of the association in providing the required Boundary Awareness Training for clergy and lay leaders.

Our on-going philosophical task this year has been to more clearly define “what is an ordainable call?” so that both local congregations and persons In-Care may have better up-front guidance.  This is particularly pertinent to the increasing numbers of persons In-Care who are considering non-traditional, non-local-congregation sites for ministry. We have not yet completed this task, but are close to doing so.  When we do, we will share our writing with the entire association.

This next year we hope to divide our committee up into two working groups, one to continue to work with In-Care, Privilege of Call, and Dual Standing applicants, and a second to begin to provide better on-going assistance, feedback, and review for all authorized ministers in the association.

We are grateful to all our members who attend monthly meetings which regularly last three and often four hours.  In particular we express our gratitude to the Rev. Lynn Sullivan, who is leaving the committee after serving her full six year term, and to the Rev. Robert Everett, who has had to resign mid-term due to the pressing demands of family responsibilities.

Respectfully submitted,

Noel Vanek