United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      2010 Metro Association Spring Meeting


Metropolitan Association Board of Directors Covenant

We, as members of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Association of the United Church of Christ, covenant to perform our duties with the following promises to each other, requesting our members to witness and to hold us accountable for this voluntary pledge:

We are brothers and sisters, equal in the sight of God.  We are called and empowered by God to be servants of God’s vision for the UCC Metro Association.

We will maintain our commitment to our individual spiritual disciplines and growth, and set time aside as a Board to discern the leading of the Holy among us.

We will speak who we are, daring to risk our truth, expecting to be heard with empathy, if not always with agreement, even as we shall seek to hear others with empathy and understanding.

We shall be direct, open to disagreement as a process ripe with new possibilities, committed to constructive conflict.

We shall nurture an environment where creative risk-taking is encouraged and not punished in the present or future.

We shall actively practice forgiveness with one another and shall seek reconciliation sooner rather than later.

We shall, with the help and guidance of Jesus Christ, offer to each other our love and acceptance and an openness to hear and walk with Jesus by our side.

We shall be teachers and learners together, respecting that we all have strengths and growing edges.

We shall take responsibility for ourselves to make each meeting the best possible.

In this mutual pledge and covenant, and by its practice, we understand ourselves to be keeping faith with the trust placed in us by our membership and to be enacting the tenets of our religious faith to love and respect each other, to speak the truth and to promote the common good.