United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      2010 Metro Association Spring Meeting


Committee on Mission Priorities and Stewardship (COMPAS)
Report to the Annual Meeting April 24, 2010

The Committee on Metropolitan Mission Priorities and Stewardship has the responsibility for defining the mission priorities of the Association. It helps the member Churches interpret their mission stewardship responsibilities and opportunities with respect to the Association, the New Conference, and the United Church of Christ. It gives the committee members the opportunities to participate in the Global Mission of both the New York Conference and the United Church of Christ.

The committee helps develop a mission design for the Association and shall submit it both to the Board of Directors and/or the Association for review and approval. The committee also shall allocate available mission funds in accordance with the approved mission design and priorities, and shall report such actions to the Board of Directors at all regular meetings. The committee shall develop, maintain and carry out a regular program of stewardship education and mission interpretation for the member churches, and seek from these churches general financial support for the Association, the New York conference and the United Church of Christ and specific support of mission projects sponsored and/or supported by the Association.

As necessary and appropriate, the committee shall work with organizations of the New York Conference and instrumentalities of the United Church of Christ, which can assist it in defining or achieving its goals.

Submitted by:

 Melva T. Victorino