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Metro 2009 Fall Meeting
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> Metro Association > 2009 Metro Fall Meeting < Spring Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Spring Meeting
Saturday, April 25, 2009
Metro Association Fall Meeting - November 21, 2009

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Metropolitan Association
Southeastern Region
New York Conference, United Church of Christ
Spring Meeting Minutes
Saturday, April 25, 2009
The Church in the Highlands
35 Bryant Avenue
White Plains, New York 10605

Call the Meeting to Order - Rev. Dr. Robert A Everett, Moderator

  • Bob called the 132nd Metropolitan Association Spring Meeting to order at 9:08 A.M. and asked Host Pastor the Rev. Melanie Miller to say a prayer.

Determination of a Quorum - Rev. David Tucker, Registrar

  • David reported that there are 35 churches represented at this meeting and as a result 117 delegates are present. He officially announced that we have a quorum to begin the business meeting.

Opening Prayer - Rev. Ann Kansfield and Rev. Jennifer Aull

  • Ann and Jennifer read the "Six Gestures of the Morning Praise" from the book "Out of the Ordinary" by Author Joyce Rupp.

Welcome - Rev. Dr. Ruby Wilson

  • Ruby led us in singing "Amen" and then went on to thank Board Members and her Family for all the support she received during her Presidency.
  • Ruby introduced the new Metro Association, Board of Director President the Rev. Dr. Martha R. Jacobs, and wished her much success during her term.
  • Melva Victorino from the UCC Metro Women Association Committee proudly announced that Dorothy Gist, from St Albans Congregational Church, is one of the three women from the NY Conference nominated by the NY State Women for the Honored Lay Women Award, to be presented during a banquet at the General Synod at Grand Rapids, Michigan in June 26-29, 2009. The other women to receive this award are Jean Golden from the Western Association and Mona Arnold from the Susquehanna Association.
  • In addition, Melva announced that Sylvia Martin from the Congregational Church of South Hempstead is nominated by the United Black Christians from Metro Association and will also receive the Honored Lay Women Award during the banquet. Melva thanked the above listed ladies for their commitment and service to our Association and Committee.

Appoint Parliamentarian and Tellers - Rev. Dr. Robert A Everett, Moderator

  • Bob asked for a volunteer to be the Parliamentarian and Peg Mainusch assumed this responsibility. Bob went on to ask for two Tellers and Mary Dewar and John Harber volunteered to perform this function.

Review Secretary's Report - Rev. Dr. Robert A Everett, Moderator

  • Bob directed attendees to review the minutes from our last Metropolitan Association Fall Meeting, from November 22, 2008.
    • Rev. Elice Higginbothom made a motion to accept the minutes and Rev. Dr. Martha R Jacobs seconded the motion and carried unanimously.

Treasurer's Report - Harold L. Chapman, Jr.

  • Harold went on to thank outgoing President Ruby for her support over the past three years.
  • Harold went over the figures as attached for the first quarter of 2009 and stated he expects the Fellowship Dues to continue to come in.
  • At this time he and Louise are going over the figures for the past six years to provide materials to the Accountant for review.
  • Bob Everett thanked Harold for the improved way he has presented the figures to be more easily understandable.
  • Bob went on to introduce Lenox Grant to read the proposed Mission Statement for our Association. Lenox reminded all that we are here to be on a Mission to do Gods work.
  • Lenox went over the history of how he came to be on the Board via the Blue Ribbon Committee. He explained that Corinthians 4 verses 1 thru 7 was our guideline for the Mission Statement and pointed out that the scripture is rooted in the Statement and also "Love They Neighbor" Commandment. Lenox stated that he hopes this is a day we made a difference in the life of our Association.
    • Rev. Cynthia Jackson made a motion to accept the Mission Statement and was seconded by Max?
  • Rev. Dr. Bob Gunn asked how the new statement differs from the last one. Lenox explained that it did not exist. He went on to say that our goal was to include what our Association stands for; and show the love we have for each other.
  • The vote to accept the New Mission Statement carried with 67 Yes votes.

Introduction - Rev. Dr. Robert A Everett, Moderator

  • Bob introduced our Denomination's next President Rev. Geoffrey Black, New York Conference.
  • Rev. Dr. Martha R Jacobs presented Geoffrey with a gift and encouraged him to serve the Denomination with open hands, open heart and open mind.
  • Geoffrey thanked all and spoke about the time he started as a member of St. Albans and due to their support, nurture and shaping he received over the years, he was able to grow within the Association. He went on and specifically thanked St. Albans and the South Hempstead Congregational Church. Also thanked Metro Association and all the Churches for him to be at this point, is overwhelming, scary, awesome and challenging.

Nominating Committee Report - Rev. Dr. Ruby Wilson & Mr. Jacob Thomas

  • Ruby asked attendees to review the Nominating Committee Report and went on to ask if any nominations from the floor and Geraldine Howard nominated Wallie Merna and Melva seconded the nomination. Wally agreed to him being nominated. Martha Jacobs nominated Christina Alexis.
    • Bob Everett asked if there were any more nominations from the floor and got no response. Melva made a Motion to close the nominations from the floor. Vote result was 74 in favor of all nominations as presented.
  • Geoffrey and Ruby asked all to Board Members to come forward and the asked new President to come forward and the "Laying on of Hands" was done in support of Martha's term.
  • Bob Everett ask Dorothy Gist to come forward and Melva presented her with a corsage in honor of her achievements and asked President of UCC womens Committee to pin corsage on Dorothy.
  • Bob Everett introduced Ruby and thanked her for all she has done for the Association. Ruby thanked everyone and wished new President and Board Gods Speed.

Presentation of the "5 for 5" Certificates - Rev. Geoffrey Black

  • Geoffrey presented the 5 for 5 certificates as a representative from each church came up to receive the certificate. Geoffrey went on to encourage all churches to participate in the Wider Church 5 for 5 Mission, as contributions could be as low as $1.00 and then grow from there.
  • Geoffrey explained why RCM Michael Caine was not here with us today. Michael is in Guatemala on a Mission trip with the Suffolk Association in support of their efforts.

Community Concerns / Announcements - Rev. Dr. Robert A. Everett

  • Youth Group - Stephanie Bennett - Stephanie asked the Youth Group Committee to come forward, they reminded all they are having a DARE 2 CARE event on Saturday, May 30th from 10am - 2:30pm to be held at The Riverside Church and invited all youth 12 years or older. The Rev. Lisa Robinson will preach to the youth. They are promising a wonderful day on May 30, 2009.
  • Bob Everett asked the little ones to be introduced that are in attendance. Diamond, Jasmine and John were introduced.
  • Ruby shared that Safe Haven is having an event tomorrow at 4:30 called S.W.Hood.
  • An invitation was extended to all Clergy to attend a breakfast on May 7th at Victoria Congregational Church to mobilize around the Gay Issues.
  • Rev. Elice Higginbothom a member of committee that presented Boundary Training announced a training scheduled Monday, May 18 and encouraged everyone to attend if not taken in the past 5 years.
  • Geraldine Howard invited attendees to the 6th installation of Minister at The Riverside Church.
  • Ann Kansfield from Broadway shared they have a Garden to support the Soup Kitchen effort the is growing rapidly and encouraged churches to join and plant a garden also.
  • The Church of the Evangel presents the award winning film documentary "Pray The Devil Back To Hell", on May 23, 2009 at 3pm and all are invited!
  • Martha Jacobs stated that she hopes to have another opportunity to schedule the Clergy Gathering - Sacred Conversation on Sex - at a date to be announced.
  • Melva invited attendees to the UCC Metro Women's 2009 Spring Retreat on Saturday, May 16, 2009. The Preacher will be Rev. Cynthia Jackson and Rev. Toni Walrond will lead a Bible Study.
  • Bob Everett shared that he looks forward to serve the Association as Moderator and read from a sermon by a preacher from the 19th Century and how the sermon is relevant to today.
  • Bob Everett adjourned the meeting and Peg Mainusch seconded adjournment. Attendees were directed to select from two workshops or join a tour of the host church garden, lead by Melanie.

Closing Prayer & Meeting Adjourned - Rev. Dr. Robert Everett

  • Robert Everett ended our business meeting with a prayer.


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