United Church of Christ New York Metropolitan Association
      Metro 2009 Annual Meeting


Registrar Report to the Annual Meeting April 25, 2009

The Ordination and Ministerial Standing Committee approved the following persons from November 1, 2008 thru March 31, 2009:

In Care
 1. Roberta Arden (United Church of Spring Valley)
 2. Colleen Birchett (Riverside Church)
 3. Cheri Kroon (Judson Memorial Church)
 4. Bruce Ill (Riverside Church)
 5. Susan Wersan (Riverside Church)
Currently, we have 34 persons In-Care.

Licensed Minister
 1. Eugene Palmore (for Corona Congregational UCC)
 2. Ruby Solomon (for Union Congregational UCC-Manhattan)

Ecclesiastical Endorsement
Rev. Lynn Mikulak (Associate Supervisor ACPE)

Transfer of Ministerial Standing - In
Rev. Max Grant from the N. Litchfield Association, CT Conference (Pastor of The Community Church of the Pelhams UCC)

Transfer of Ministerial Standing - Out
Rev. Cathlin Baker to the Barnstable Association, MA Conference

Privilege of Call Granted
Rev. Robert Chase (Founding Director of Intersections International, an ecumenical ministry of the Collegiate Churches of NYC)

Dual Standing
Rev. Conrad Tillard (Senior Pastor of Nazarene Congregational UCC-Brooklyn)

Reported Deaths of Association Ministers
1. Rev. George Halstead-Retired on December 13, 2008
2 Rev. Dr. Cade Jones III, Pastor of St. Luke's UCC-Brooklyn on February 2, 2009

Since the Fall Meeting, the Ministerial Records at the Association Office have been sorted out, consolidated and a new file of persons with standing (with a few files missing) has been moved into the Association Office Suite.

The Registrar, on behalf of the Association, would like to express thanks for the helpful assistance of our Executive Administrator, Louise Manigault and Office Volunteer for the Ordination and Ministerial Standing Committee, Sylvia White. Without their help a lot of the work would never get done.

The Rev. David L. Tucker, Registrar